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City of Long Beach efforts to meet State seismic requirements and sustain hospital services

Community Hospital of Long Beach
Community Hospital of Long Beach (Community Hospital) is a 158 licensed bed, acute and psychiatric care hospital located at 1720 Termino Avenue in Long Beach. General acute care hospitals in California are required by law to be licensed by the California Department of Public Health and meet State seismic compliance requirements. Hospitals must also have a duly constituted governing body with overall administrative and professional responsibility and an organized medical staff which provides 24- hour inpatient care, including the following 8 basic services: medical, nursing, surgical, anesthesia, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and dietary services. Community Hospital currently meets these requirements, and provides psychiatric care services.

On October 30, 2017, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center notified the City of Long Beach that they would be unable to meet the State’s seismic compliance requirements. As a result, Memorial plans to cease operations at Community Hospital by June 30, 2019, if not earlier due to staffing shortages.

In response, the Mayor and Long Beach City Council directed the City of Long Beach to explore all available options for meeting State seismic compliance requirements and maintain existing hospital services at Community Hospital.

Efforts towards understanding the magnitude of changes that must be made at Community Hospital to meet State seismic compliance are underway. The City expects this process will take some time, and is actively working with Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell to seek an extension to the State’s seismic compliance requirement deadline.


Information about upcoming community meetings or public hearings regarding Community Hospital will be posted here.  As City staff are actively working on this issue, there are no scheduled meetings at this time.


March 5, 2018:
MemorialCare formally notified the City of Long Beach of their decision to fully terminate the lease agreement at Community Hospital, effective July 3, 2018.

February 16, 2018:
Mayor Garcia and the Long Beach City Council formally: (1) declined the proposal presented by the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center to allow the General Acute Care Hospital license to expire, and transition Community Hospital to an expanded acute psychiatric hospital; (2) requested that the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Board of Directors renew both acute psychiatric hospital and general acute care hospital licenses for the period of April 29, 2018 to April 28, 2019 to provide the City time to identify alternatives to keep Community Hospital operational; and (3) provide written approval for the City to engage with potential future partners including but not limited to buyers, developers and operators.

February 15, 2018: Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell introduces State legislation to extend the OSHPD compliance deadline at Community Hospital. The purpose of AB 2591 is to provide the City of Long Beach more time to develop a long-term plan for Community Hospital.

January 11, 2018: Vizient, serving as an independent third-party consultant, issued a Needs Assessment specific to acute care, psychiatric care, and the 8 basic services at Community Hospital.

December 29, 2017: City of Long Beach staff meet with the Community Hospital Foundation to tour the facility with a focus on better understanding specific buildings and their associated OSHPD seismic performance ratings.

November 14, 2017: The Long Beach City Council conducted a Study Session that was open to the public. This Study Session included two presentations, one from City of Long Beach (City) staff, and a second from Memorial Care staff. This study session also included an opportunity for the public and the City Council to comment on priorities.

October 30, 2017: At an in-person meeting, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center informed the City of Long Beach that they are unable to meet State seismic safety standards for acute care facilities at Community Hospital, and that Long Beach Memorial Medical Center would be unable to operate Community Hospital after June 30, 2019.