The City of Long Beach & StartitUp Collaborate to Help You Succeed!

Long Beach, a Startitup CityTM, is the first city in the U.S. to provide entrepreneurs a valuable mobile app that acts as a “your pocket coach on the go”, allowing business owners a step-by-step process for starting, managing and growing a successful small business. The City of Long Beach is proud to provide sponsorship and expedited business licensing for the first 100 entrepreneurs who join the Startitup app! 

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  • Building a plan for success is key!
  • Entrepreneurs working with a mentor are far likelier to succeed!
  • Knowing your strengths & weaknesses as an entrepreneur provides you an upper hand!
  • Removing the clutter and having a step-by step process to start your business saves time, money and provides the best chance for success!


  • Don’t be one of the 80% of small businesses that fail and end up wasting hard-earned funds!
  • Position yourself for funding by following the recipe for success through the StartitUp app
  • Gain access to Kiva loans or the City’s micro-loan programs


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