The City of Long Beach & StartitUp Collaborate to Help You Succeed!

Long Beach, a Startitup CityTM,is the first city in the U.S. to provide entrepreneurs a valuable mobile app that acts as a “your pocket coach on the go”. StartItUp provides business owners a step-by-step process for starting, managing and growing a successful small business as well as access to an experienced advisor. The City of Long Beach is proud to sponsor the first 100 entrepreneurs who download the app AND provide permitting and business licensing assistance!

(Please keep in mind that if you’re remodeling an existing space, the business license is the last step in the permitting process. The license is issued once the business has gone through the plan check process and passed required inspections.)

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  • Building a plan for success is key!
  • Entrepreneurs working with a mentor are far likelier to succeed!
  • Knowing your strengths & weaknesses as an entrepreneur provides you an upper hand!
  • Removing the clutter and having a step-by step process to start your business saves time, money and provides the best chance for success!


  • Don’t be one of the 80% of small businesses that fail and end up wasting hard-earned funds!
  • Position yourself for funding by following the recipe for success through the StartitUp app
  • Gain access to Kiva loans or the City’s micro-loan programs


Download Startitup by visiting