Economic Development Implementation Plan

Long Beach has shed its skin numerous times. It has been a resort town, an oil town, a Navy town, an Aerospace town. The time has come for Long Beach to fully embrace a destiny that has long awaited it: to be a great American City.

What is the Economic Development Implementation Plan?

The 2010 Strategic Plan recommended the City's Economic Development Commission (EDC) oversee the development of a comprehensive economic plan. In 2005, the EDC completed its work and provided to the City Council a multi-volume Jobs and Business Strategy. The Jobs and Business Strategy comprises a substantial background analysis, a compendium of community and stakeholder suggestions for future community development and strategy for economic development. On December 13, 2005, the City Council directed the City Manager to use the Jobs and Business Strategy to create an economic development implementation plan.

In general, the goal of any economic development strategy is to promote economic growth. As proposed in the Jobs and Business Strategy, the economic development strategy for Long Beach should have as its goal the achievement of some general, but critical outcomes:

  • Increased prosperity
  • Greater opportunity
  • Livable and vibrant neighborhoods

For more information, please contact:

Reginald Harrison, Deputy City Manager
(562) 570-5850

Downloadable pdf file of ED Implementation Plan