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You selected Long Beach as your business home, now let us show you around.

By basing your company here, you have made a choice supported by 15,000 other business owners who recognize Long Beach as the prime business location in southern California.

The city is ideally situated between Los Angeles and Orange County, giving Long Beach businesses access to a massive business-to-business and business-to-consumer base. Reaching out to those audiences can be challenging, which is why our team of experts is here to partner with you.

Economic Development and Cultural Affairs sponsors business training seminars, and offers assistance on issues such as securing permits, selecting potential business sites and hiring employees. We have access to various
financing programs to provide capital to local businesses, which helps you create jobs and stimulate growth in the city. We also help you take advantage of tax incentives by sharing information on the city's Enterprise and Foreign Trade Zones, as well as the many state and federal sponsored tax credit programs.

Whether you are launching a company or looking to expand an existing business - start the process here. Our team is ready to assist you. Call (562) 570-6615 to get your business started.