Solar Grand Prix
Dear Neighbor, The annual Long Beach Solar Grand Prix competition is a truly remarkable event that takes significant time, resources and planning to successfully execute. In the past, this effort was led by at least two or three staff members over the course of several months.

It was the hope of Councilwoman Stacy Mungo, upon taking office toward the latter part of 2014, that by bringing together a group of seasoned participants and by providing a timeline, supplies and previously referenced materials it would be possible for a volunteer committee to carry out this important event for the local community and students.

However, most recently, the said volunteer committee informed our office that its activities have been put on hold. While Councilwoman Mungo is committed to exploring ways future committees, volunteers and teams of engaged community members can be successful in orchestrating the Solar Grand Prix (SGP), it is not feasible at this time for our office staff to be diverted from responding to pressing constituent concerns and critical policy matters.

As we begin to consider SGP efforts for next year, if you interested in or willing to help with the event of know of others who would like to see SGP come to fruition in 2016 and beyond please email