Beaches, Parks and Water

Beaches & Water

Water Safety

Water safety is important for all Long Beach residents and wildlife. The City of Long Beach regularly tests all recreational water to protect our swimmers and beach-goers, and we want to help you have access to that information. Click here for the latest Recreational Water Monitoring reports from the City's Health Department.

Keeping Our Water Clean

One of the best ways to keep our ground water and ocean water clean is to take a few good precautionary steps inside and outside of our homes. Visit the City's Clean Water Division for clean water programs and tips. Also, visit the Water Replenishment District's educational program "It All Flows to Me" for tips on keeping our water clean.

The Water Replenishment District

The Water Replenishment District is committed to improving access to clean groundwater through environmentally sound means, and to protecting our groundwater from pollutants. Visit the WRD Web site to learn more about Southern California's groundwater and ways we can use it safely.

Long Beach Water Department

The Long Beach Water Department delivers a dependable water supply which meets and surpasses all applicable water quality standards in the country. Serving a population of over 492,000, the LBWD is responsible for all drinking and landscaping water, sanitary sewers and the nation's largest desalination plant. To learn more about how the LBWD affects you, visit the LBWD Web site.

Healthy Harbor

The Port of Long Beach has created several enviornmental programs to combat pollution created by cargo ships and trucks. Click here for information about the Port's Environmental Programs.

How to Get Involved

The Parks, Recreation and Marine Department has created some exciting programs to help us work together to keep our environment clean and healthy. These programs are fun for kidsand adults of all ages - click here for a list of Environmental Programs.


Click here for a list of all parks in Long Beach.

Golf Courses & Programs

Feel like taking some swings on the back nine, learning what a birdie is or even learning how to play? The City of Long Beach is the golf capital of Southern California with five public courses suited for the tastes of any golfer regardless of ability. Click here for the golf web page and for a list of Premier Golf Courses and Golf Programs throughout the city.

Dog Parks

Let your four-legged friend play off the leash in a safe, pet-friendly outdoor environment. Click here for a romp in the grass or click here for a swim at the beach.

Skate Parks

Visit the City's Skate Parks Page for skate park locations and to register for the City's Skate Park on Wheels - a truck loaded with portable ramps and rails.

Park Programs and Classes

The City has many fun programs and classes for kids of all ages. From sewing to sailing, you can participate in activities that are extremely enjoyable. Click here for a list of programs.

Facility Reservations

Looking for an outdoor location to hold a wedding, birthday party or company picnic? Under the umbrella of Parks, Recreation and Marine, the Marine Bureau offers a variety of picturesque locations. Please click here for the price, location and venue type that suits your liking and here for the Reservation Forms.