Our Water, Parks and Beaches

Water Quality and Beaches

Impact of Plastics and Marine Debris on our Community

In November, 2010, Suja Lowenthal was honored with the invitation to speak at the TEDx conference regarding the growing economic costs of collection and disposal of plastic - the externalized costs of plastic pollution. The conference presented an amazing collection of speakers from throughout the world and viewers participated from all corners by webcast. Please click here to view the YouTube link of that presentation.

Keeping Our Water Clean

One of the best ways to keep our ground water and ocean water clean is to take a few good precautionary steps in our homes, yards and driveways. Visit the Stormwater Management Bureau website for best practices around the house and work place. Also, visit the Water Replenishment District's educational program "It all flows to me" tips on keeping our water clean.

Long Beach Water Department
The Long Beach Water Department is a trail blazing leader in the water industry, committed to providing a high quality water supply and sewer system. They are very interested in helping you to conserve water in your home and yard. Click here for great tips and grants to assist you in conserving even more water around the house.

Metropolitan Water Department of Southern California
MWD is a consortium of 26 cities and water districts responsible for providing high quality and reliable drinking water to nearly 18 million in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Bewaterwise.com is a Metropolitan's water conservation website with tips, guides and rebate information for your home and work place. Their drought tolerant landscaping page is a must visit for homeowners.

Healthy Harbor

The Port of Long Beach has created several enviornmental programs to combat pollution created by cargo ships and trucks. Click here for information about the Port's Environmental Programs.

Water Safety

Water safety is important for all Long Beach residents and wildlife. The City of Long Beach regularly tests all recreational water to protect our swimmers and beach-goers, and we want to help you have access to that information. Click here for the most recent water quality reports from the City's Health Department, or click here for Heal the Bay's Beach Report Card results for Long Beach and other cities.

Is it safe to swim at Long Beach's beaches? Click here for the most frequently asked questions about our water.

Air Quality

Real-time Air Quality Reports
To see air quality reports covering Long Beach, the Southern California basin and other parts of California, visit the air quality report pages for the Port of Long Beach, the California Air Resources Board and the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) of Southern California. Each agency conducts its own independent air quality tests and posts the results on thier websites.

E-Mail Updates

Sign up for email updates from the California Air Resources Board's Harbor Communities Monitoring Project, a new initiative to monitor air quality in harbor regions of Los Angeles County, including west Long Beach. Email updates include information about the project's development and air quality reports.


List of All Parks

Click here for a list of all parks in Long Beach.

Dog Parks

Let your four-legged friend play off the leash in a safe, pet-friendly outdoor environment. There are two new dog parks in the downtown, including the Downtown Dog Park at the Civic Center next to Lincoln Park. You can enjoy a romp in the grass or a swim at the beach. Click here for locations and hours. Click here if you would like to help Friends of Downtown Dog Park maintain and improve park amenities.

Skate Parks
Visit the City's Skate Parks page for skate park locations and to register for the city's Skate Park on Wheels - a truck loaded with portable ramps and rails.

Park Programs and Classes
The city has many fun programs and classes for kids of all ages. From sewing to sailing, you can participate in activities that make you smile. Click here for a list of programs.