Would you like to see a small children's playground built in Promenade Square Park? The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine has been asked by residents to consider a playground on the edge of Promenade Square Park to meet the needs of a growing residential base with children in Downtown, so they are asking for your input through this survey. It is fast and easy, just go to the the following web link:

They will be accepting public input until July 31, so be sure to share this link with your neighbors and friends. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Second Council District office at (562) 570-6684.


Suja Lowenthal
Councilmember, Second District
City of Long Beach

Promenade Square Park opened on July 24, 2010, completing construction of the mid-block portion of the promenade that included residential units, Long Beach Transit Mall and the Bikestation. As part of a larger Redevelopment Agency project that completely redeveloped the original promenade and outdoor amphitheater, Promenade Square became the working project name during construction and was adopted thereafter by city staff and residents. With the demise of Redevelopment, Promenade Square was handed over to the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine. As part of the City's Administrative Regulations for naming public land, Parks, Recreation and Marine staff recommended that a name be formally adopted by the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Housing and Neighborhoods Committee. It accordance with those regulations, "Promenade Square Park" was officially adopted in the summer of 2013 as a reflection of this geographic and historic feature of Downtown Long Beach.

Promenade Square Park is 28,525 sq. ft. of park space in Downtown with a stage/performance area, a water feature and an adjacent aerial plaza public art sculpture by Carl Cheng. It has become a hub for downtown social events hosting music performances, movie nights and Promenade Area Residential Association activities. For a short video history of the Promenade and Promenade Square Park, please click here.