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Creating more overnight parking opportunities for our community

Councilmember Suja Lowenthal is committed to creating more overnight parking spaces in the Second District while promoting the use of alternative transportation in what has been identified as the most heavily parking impacted council district in the City of Long Beach.

There is a severe shortage of parking spaces in Second Council district neighborhoods such as Alamitos Beach, Bluff Heights, East Village, North Alamitos Beach and Rose Park. It is not unusual for residents coming home from work to circle their block and outlying streets for nearly an hour looking for a single parking space. Young women, the elderly and residents returning from a long day of work are forced to walk home several blocks each night after parking their car. Many simply give up looking for a space and choose instead to park in red zones. As a result, a number of residents have confided in our office that they end up paying an average of $200 each month in tickets.

Several factors contribute to the shortage of spaces including remnants of cracker-box housing that was developed decades ago, a growth in two-vehicle households, an increase in multi-family units without adequate parking onsite, and illegally converted garages or split rooms. The prior council member and city staff addressed the shortage primarily through reducing red curb space and developing diagonal parking on wide streets. These solutions have run their course, but the problem remains in crisis mode.

Long Beach has one designated Parking Impacted Area encompassing parts of the First, Third, Fourth, Sixth, and Seventh Council districts as well as all of the Second Council District (see attached map). The Parking Impacted Area was developed through an extensive parking survey conducted with the help of a consultant to determine residential areas in which at least 75% of the on-street parking spaces were occupied at night. In order to create a continuous area and boundary lines, city staff and Council offices provided input into the final recommendations made to City Council, which adopted the area without change.

It is clear that the Second District parking problem will require a spectrum of solutions, both short and long term, to make any difference in the quality of life for residents. Therefore, Counclmember Lowenthal is approaching the problem from several different angles. No more than two weeks into office, Phase I began with Lowenthal proposing legislation calling upon the City Manager to make city-owned parking lots in the Second District available for residential overnight parking. In addition, she worked with city staff to change street sweeping on Broadway, 4th Street and Cherry, install street hash marks for parking efficiency, increase enforcement of illegal garages and split rooms and update all Blue Zone parking permits.

Since August 2006, Lowenthal has added approximately 1,200 new overnight parking spaces to the existing inventory and changed the way that city staff and councilmembers view the parking problem in her district. In Phase II, she called upon the City Attorney and Traffic Engineer to change City code, encouraging more creative parking solutions and pilot programs. She also authored motions to make parking in front of one's driveway legal and established a moratorium on bedroom splitting inside the Second District.

In keeping with her goal to approach our city's challenges in a comprehensive way, Lowenthal has championed causes that reduce the need for cars such as encouraging Long Beach to be "bicycle-friendly ", promoting pedestrian friendly development, and proposing the re-creation of a streetcar system linking downtown with other parts of Long Beach. She has also partnered with community members to develop a parking plan for their neighborhood, which provided city departments with a local residential guide for future infrastructure projects. These reforms have garnered attention from other council offices and cities such as Santa Monica and Seattle, hoping use them to address their own parking problems.

Lowenthal's accomplishments in the area of parking reform include:


  • Creation of 1,000 new residential overnight parking spaces.
  • Shifted street sweeping to a later time on Broadway and 4th Street (between Alamitos and Cherry) and Cherry (between Ocean and Broadway).
  • Created a "hash marks" pilot program in residential areas to encourage efficient parking.
  • Update of Blue Zone (disabled) parking permits on an annual basis


  • Conversion of another 200 spaces for overnight parking.
  • Changes to the Municipal Code affecting red-curb length, parking in "T" intersections, 72-hour parking of work and recreational vehicles. (Passed)
  • Changes to the city's ordinance legalizing Driveway Parking. (Passed)
  • A moratorium on bedroom splitting inside the City's Parking Impacted Area. (Passed)
  • Prohibit recreational vehicles and detached trailers from parking on city streets. (CD 5 Pilot Program)
  • Tow unregistered vehicles and those with 5 unpaid citations taking up valuable parking spaces in the community.
  • Sweep of Second District streets for oversized work vehicles prohibited by City Ordinance.*
  • Converted empty lot at 4th Street & Cherry Avenue into a temporary parking lot (approx. 25 spaces).


  • Converted Bonito and Cerritos Avenue (between 3rd and 4th Street) to one-way streets with diagonal parking to gain 19 additional spaces.
  • Added diagonal parking to Cherry Avenue between Ocean and 2nd Street
  • Expansion of hash mark program to entire district to improve parking efficiency.
  • Created a website for residents and property owners with parking lots to participate in the Community Parking Program at (Currently being reconstructed) 
  • Changed street sweeping times on Cherry between Broadway and 4th
  • *NEW* Collaborating with Public Works to review street sweeping times throughout the Second District and City of Long Beach to eliminate 4 am - 8 am sweep times.

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Second District Community Parking Program
Whether a customer, neighbor or church member, residents can be our greatest advocates by encouraging property or business owners to partner with the community by making their parking lots available for overnight parking. Utilizing existing relationships to create something beneficial for you and your neighbors is the essence of a healthy community. That is why I created the Second District Community Parking program - to provide community members with parking information that in turn, could be shared with owners.

Please feel free to upload a cover letter explaining the program and a frequently asked questions sheet to assist you and the property or business owner in considering the use of a parking lot for overnight residential parking. Whether you speak with a particular owner or would prefer that I speak with an owner, please contact my office at (562) 570-6684 to inform us of your efforts. I appreciate your desire to help and would like to support your efforts to make a difference.

Parking Related Motions
Bedroom Splitting
Driveway Parking
Parking Impacted Areas

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Find a parking lot near you

Redevelopment Agency Parking Lots
(127 spaces total)
Broadway Block Lot, NE corner of Broadway and Long Beach Blvd. (50 spaces)
Contact: Parking Operations (562) 570-6331
Cost: Call for details (hours limited M-F 5:00 pm to 8:00 am, all day weekends and holiday) (24 hours per day, 365 days per year)

City East Lot, 335 East Broadway, SE corner of 3rd Street and Long Beach Blvd. (25 spaces)
Contact: Parking Operations (562) 570-6331
Residents (hours limited M-F 5:00 pm to 8:00 am, all day weekends and holiday), general public (24 hours per day, 365 days per year)
Cost: Call for details. 

Long Beach Museum of Art, 2300 E. Ocean Boulevard (40 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 439-2119
Parking program managed by the Museum; call for details. Participants will be provided with a monthly activity calendar indicating Special Event nights.
Hours: 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. except for evenings with Special Events in which case overnight parking will be available from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Cost: Call for details

Ambrosia Cafe, 2000 E. Appleton Street (4 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 432-1098
Owner will offer parking to neighbors in area; call for details.
Cost: Call for details

Best Western Hotel at the Convention Center, 517 East 1st Street (1st & Linden Avenue)
Availability: Parking is available 24/7, except for 3 days during the annual Grand Prix Event.
Cost: Call for details.
Benefits: Underground parking, ease of entry and exit 24/7 and superb Downtown East Village location.
Contact: (562) 260-5603

The Pike Bar, 1836 E. 4th Street (11 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 437-4453
Parking program will be managed by owner. Parking offered on a first come basis using a cash deposit box.
Hours: 12 midnight to 12 noon
Contact ph: (562) 437-4453 Parking program will be managed by owner. Parking offered on a first come basis using a cash deposit box.Hours: 12 midnight to 12 noon
Cost: Call for rate.

Parkcrest Christian Church, 3250 E. 7th Street (6 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 434-3408
The church will offer parking to neighbors in area; call for details.
Hours: To be decided
Cost: Call for rate.

Junipero Beach Parking Lot At the foot of Junipero and Ocean Boulevard (451 spaces)

Contact ph: (562) 570-3215
This program will managed by Parks, Recreation & Marine's Marine Bureau. Access to lot will be controlled via a card-activated automated gate arm at the top of Junipero.
Hours: 10:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. Parking meters are in effect from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The lot is closed at 10 p.m. for access by card/permit holders only.
Cost: $25/month if paid on an annual basis and $30/month if paid on a monthly basis

Long Beach Senior Center, 1150 E. 4th Street (50 spaces)

Contact ph: (562) 570-3533
Program will be administered by the Senior Center. Permit stickers will be issued on a first come first serve basis.
Hours: 7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. weekdays (Weekend parking allowed from Saturday at 7:00 pm through Monday at 8:00 am)
Cost: $30/month if paid on a monthly basis

Private Lot, 2148 4th Street (14 spaces)
Contact ph: (310) 926-3309
Private lot; call for details.

Gay & Lesbian Center, 431 St. Louis Street (30 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 434-4455
The Center will manage the program and offer permitted parking. Call for details.
Hours: Spaces most likely available after 9pm weekdays, and on most weekends.

Rite Aid, 211 Cherry Avenue (40 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 951-1360
Current program managed by Rite Aide; parking a condition of a previous building permit approval. Call for details.

Grace Methodist Church, 275 Junipero (21 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 433-7401
Church manages their own independent parking permit program. Call for details. 

Alamitos Beach Parking Lot (143 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 570-3215
This is an overnight parking program; the parking meters are in effect from 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Beach lot day passes may also be purchased separately. Call for details.

Super Suds Laundromat, 250 Alamitos (16 spaces)
Contact ph: (562) 436-1859
Existing residential overnight parking managed by owner; call for details.

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Easy Ways to Improve Parking in Your Neighborhood

Report unused blue (handicapped) curbs. Blue curbs are painted in residential areas only for residents who request them, and sometimes a blue curb will remain long after it was needed. Right now the city is conducting a "clean sweep" to clear unused blue curbs. If you see a blue curb space that is not being regularly used, call Councilmember Lowenthal's office at 562-570-6684 or email Councilmember Lowenthal at

Report abandoned vehicles. Abandoned vehicles can be towed by the city's Fleet Services Bureau, but must first be investigated by the Police Department. Report an abandoned vehicle to the Police Department's non-emergency hotline, 562-435-6711, or to Fleet Services at 562-570-2829.

Report dumped items that are in curbs, alleys, parking lots, etc. The city's refuse services will not pick up large items (mattresses, large boxes and furniture) during regular trash pick-ups. Each resident gets two free large-item pick-ups each year. To request a pick-up for your items, or to report dumped items, call 562-570-2876.

Park your vehicle in your garage; don't let your garage fill with storage. Rent a small storage unit for items that would fill your garage, such as unused furniture and seasonal decorations.

Rent a storage unit for your RV or boat. RVs and boats that are regularly parked on streets in parking-impacted areas exacerbate the parking problem and often aggravate neighbors.

Report illegally converted garages. It is illegal to rent or use a garage as living quarters unless it is properly renovated. Illegal conversions can be unsafe and can exacerbate the parking problem. If you see someone renting a garage as an apartment, or if you suspect an illegal conversion of any space into additional apartments, call Code Enforcement at (562) 570-CODE (2633).

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