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Department / Bureau Contact Email Phone
Airport Public Affairs 570-2600
Animal Control Center Animal Control Services 570-7387
Auditor Laura L. Doud 570-6989
Building Permits-Planning/Building Pete Ronca 570-6651
Business Assistance Division Cort Huckabone 570-3830
Police - Citizen Complaint Procedure Internal Affairs 570-7343
City Clerk Larry Herrera 570-6101
City Manager Patick H. West 570-6711
Mayor Bob Foster Mayor Bob Foster 570-6801
1st District-Councilmember Robert Garcia 570-6919
2nd District-Councilmember Suja Lowenthal 570-6684
3rd District-Councilmember Gary DeLong 570-6310
4th District-Councilman Patrick O'Donnell 570-6918
5th District-Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske 570-6932
6th District-Councilmember Dee Andrews 570-6816
7th District-Councilman James Johnson 570-6139
8th District-Councilwoman Al Austin 570-6685
9th District-Councilman Steven Neal 570-6137
Civil Service-Employment Information Desk 570-6202
Community Development-Housing Tom Papademetriou 570-6166
Financial Management-Bids-Purchasing Annie Khin 570-5526
Fire Department Laz Lahera 570-2537
LB Gas and Oil Sheryl Gallup 570-2067
Health & Human Services, Department of Health Department 570-4000
Media Contact Ed Kamlan 570-6814
Parks/Recreation-Community Information Jane Grobaty 570-3232
Public Works: Recycling Diko Melkonian 570-2856
Public Works: Tree Trimming Yolanda Aspeitia 570-2700
Public Works: Street Repair Yolanda Aspeitia 570-2700
Police Internal Affairs 570-7343
Water Department Melissa Keyes 570-2309