Payment Arrangement Plan

 A plan to assist customers with their utility bills by spreading the charges over several months.


Residential, business or industrial customers with higher than normal utility bills resulting from a leak, or an exceptional circumstance that caused the bill to exceed more than two times the average bill may apply for a payment arrangement plan.


  • Customers applying for payment arrangements are required to make an initial payment of one-third of the total amount due. Charges for restoration of services, such as reconnection fees and deposits where applicable must be paid in addition to the arranged amount due. Payments may be made by phone with Visa or MasterCard or in person by cash, check, or money order.

  • The remaining balance will be divided into a maximum of six equal monthly installments. The installment amount plus the current month's bill will be required on a specified due date each month. Late charges will continue to bill monthly while the payment arrangement plan is in effect.

  • Active gas and water services will remain uninterrupted as long as the conditions of the payment arrangement are honored.


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