Convert Master Meter to Individual Meters

Are you considering converting your natural gas master-metered apartment building to individual unit meters? If so, Long Beach Energy has assembled the following information about the New Service process to assist you with this conversion. The steps are listed in sequential order. Install individual house lines to each unit.

  1. Apply for permits in the Development Services Department (562) 570-6651.
  2. Obtain plumbing approvals on gas lines.
  3. Pay all installation fees.
  4. Owner to put each new account in owner’s name. For information on what is required for owner to sign their tenants for the service, contact Meter Management at (562) 570-5700 option 3.
  5. Notify each tenant to establish utility service:

        (a) Set a deadline date with tenants to contact (562) 570-5700 to establish utility service.

        (b) Owner will be billed for service until tenant or owner notifies the office to change names.

  6. Long Beach Gas and Oil access is required to verify house line and light pilots.