Upcoming Job Information

The Civil Service Department accepts applications only for jobs that are currently open for filing. Job information is updated weekly. Job Opportunity Bulletins and information on the job title, description and filing dates of current opening are updated weekly.

As anticipated job opportunities become available, those jobs will be listed below with an estimate of the month applications may be available for filing or instructions to check on a weekly or monthly basis. This estimate changes frequently depending upon the needs of the City, existing eligible lists and the number of anticipated vacancies. The information listed below is updated on a regular basis; however, changes may occur unexpectedly. Please call the Civil Service Department's 24-Hour Job Recruitment Line at (562) 570-6201, visit our website www.longbeach.gov/civilservice or email us at civilservice@longbeach.gov to
obtain current application information. Electronic notification may also be obtained through the e-Notify option. When an application filing period is approved, the job title and exact filing dates will be specified.

Last revised: March 30, 2015



Airport Operations Assistant Check weekly
Department Librarian Now Open! Closes on April 17, 2015
Environmental Health Specialist Check weekly
Fire Engineer (Promotional) Check weekly
Gas Field Service Representative Now Open! Closes on April 3, 2015
Mechanical Engineering Associate Now Open! Closes on April 17, 2015
Microbiologist Now Open! Closes on May 29, 2015
Motor Sweeper Operator Check weekly
Office Automation Analyst Now Open! Closes on April 10, 2015
Parking Control Checker Check weekly
Payroll Specialist Check weekly
Permit Technician Check weekly
Personnel Analyst Check weekly
Personnel Assistant Check weekly
Police Recruit Check weekly
Port Financial Analyst Check weekly
Port Security Systems Operator Check weekly
Refuse Supervisor (Promotional) Check weekly
Senior Animal Control Officer Check weekly
Senior Electrical Inspector Now Open! Closes on April 3, 2015
Senior Mechanical Inspector Now Open! Closes on April 3, 2015
Senior Plumbing Inspector Now Open! Closes on April 3, 2015
Senior Program Manager - Water Check weekly
Special Services Officer Check weekly
Storekeeper Check weekly
Supervisor - Facilities Maintenance Check weekly
Water Communications Dispatcher Check weekly

*Please note that filing may be limited to: 1) current City of Long Beach employees; 2) former classified City of Long Beach employees who were terminated due to layoff after January 1, 2009; 3) former classified City of Long Beach employees on an active Civil service priority list; and 4) former unclassified City of Long Beach employees identified by Human Sources Department as terminated by the City's recent reduction in force after January 1, 2009. As information is available, this listing will be updated. Please check regularly.