Meet The Office of Sustainability Staff

Larry Rich, Sustainability Coordinator
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Larry Rich has worked for the City of Long Beach since 1991, when he started as an intern in the Economic Development Bureau. He is now the Sustainability Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability.

Prior to coming to the Office of Sustainability, Larry worked in the Department of Development Services as a Planner in the Long Range Planning Division. In Long Range Planning, Larry participated in the development of the Long Beach 2030 plan, the creation of Green Building Standards for both municipal and private development projects, and the adoption of the City’s Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Program. Larry also had the responsibility of monitoring and analyzing population and demographic trends within the City of Long Beach using U.S. Census Bureau data and other State and regional sources. Larry also has a strong background in using GIS (Geographic Information Systems), a powerful tool for demographic and spatial analysis.

Larry has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography with an emphasis in Urban and Regional Studies from California State University, Long Beach. Larry is also a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional with the U.S. Green Building Council. Larry lives in Downtown Long Beach, where he can (and does) walk or bike to work at City Hall.

Larry's Projects/Emphasis:
Stormwater & Watershed Management, Low Impact Development, Green Jobs, Green Building, Urban Nature & Gardening, Operation Mulch-A-Lot, Rain Barrel Pilot Program, Community Planting

Tiffany Chen, Sustainability Analyst
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Tiffany Chen works in the Office of Sustainability at the City of Long Beach as a part of a team responsible for facilitating the implementation of the Sustainable City Action Plan.  

Prior to her role in the Office of Sustainability, Tiffany attended California State University of Long Beach where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science & Policy and awarded the Distinguished Undergraduate Award by the College of Natural Science & Mathematics. Tiffany’s academic focus was in environmental research, working in a molecular cell biology research facility on campus studying alternatives to pesticide. Her extracurricular passion has been student outreach, environmental education, and community engagement, which pushed her to be actively involved with campus environmental organizations like the Environmental Science & Policy Student Association and the Student Sustainability Task Force.

Tiffany started with the City of Long Beach in the Sustainability Office in 2010 and her direct responsibilities include the research, development, implementation, and maintainence of model sustainability programs and policies, facilitate the Sustainable City Commission and provide input in the development of the Sustainable City Annual Workplan, conduct Sustainability Staff meetings and develop measures for internal accomplishments and effectiveness, supervise Sustainability Interns and Sustainability research personnel, oversee the development and maintenance of the Sustainability web page, establish and facilitate communication with both City and Community entities, and performs other related duties as required.

Tiffany’s Projects/Emphasis:
Earth Week Coordinator, Tree Planting Program, Green Business Recognition Program, Sustainability Internship Program, University Sustainability Partnerships, Southern California Edison Energy Leader PartnerhipsSustainable City Commision, and Community Outreach

Greg Jones
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Greg Jones has been with the Office of Sustainability since 2011, working as a Green Team Leader where he supervises a team of youth in green job training programs. He now supervises a number of Office of Sustainability projects and programs that enable the Sustainable City Action Plan.

These programs include the City’s Mulch Delivery and Pick-up programs, the Tree Planting Program, and the Graywater Pilot Program. Greg’s responsibilities include supervising the Green Job Training Program and most field projects, as well as reporting progress and updates to the Sustainable City Commission. 
Greg’s Projects/Emphasis:
Mulch ProgramsTree Planting ProgramLaundry-to-Landscape Graywater Pilot Program, Compost Pick-up Pilot Program, Green Job Training Program

Amy Tanaka

Amy Tanaka recently started with the Office of Sustainability in January 2012 with duties pertaining to the Civic Center Garden, Farm Lot 59, and the Laundry-to-Landscape Project. She came into the office with three years of experience working with a local environmental nonprofit, Green Long Beach, knowledge from Santa Monica Sustainability courses, and social media marketing.  Her previous environmental education also includes participating in the Green Ambassadors Program at the Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale, as well as taking Climate Change Courses at the Aquarium of the Pacific. 

Amy graduated from California State University of Long Beach in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis in Art History. She currently provides her graphic design skills and creativity for marketing/community outreach, the Green Business Program, and garden workshops, as well as the newsletter for the Sustainability Office. She also uses her art background to bring creative reuse ideas to the Civic Center Garden, and will be helping lead the Berm Project for the Long Beach Civic Center. Amy's other responsibilities are currently reporting Laundry-to-Landscape progress to the LB Water Department, as well as planning for the future Civic Center Berm Project.

Amy's Project/Emphasis:
Green Job Training Program, Civic Center Edible GardenGreen Business Recognition ProgramEarth WeekLaundry-to-Landscape

Karen Ramirez
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Back in 2009. Karen and a couple previous interns first established the Civic Center Edible Garden as a means of public education. Karen started at the Office of Sustainability through Hire-A-Youth, a youth job opportunity program. Through demonstrated diligence and natural leadership skills, Karen has recently been hired on as a city employee and in turn leads new green job youth workers.  She is co-manager of the Civic Center Edible Garden and provides assistance with tree plantings and gray water installations throughout the city. 

Karen is currently attending California State University of Long Beach in pursuit of a B.A. in Geography and a Certificate in GIS (Geographical Information Systems).

Karen’s Projects/Emphasis:
Civic Center Edible Garden, Green Job Training

Linda Nguyen
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As a garden project manager and youth group team leader in the Office of Sustainability since 2010, Linda manages an urban demonstration garden, including design and maintenance. She participates in tree plantings, gray water installations, and native landscaping, as well as guides youth workers on city-wide sustainable projects while teaching them about green job opportunities and the environment. She oversees the grant reporting for the grant provided by AQMD for the city to plant 1,000 trees and also assists a local Long Beach wetland, Colorado Lagoon, on their master restoration plan.

Linda holds a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy and is pursuing a Masters in Geography at Cal State, University Long Beach. She took student participation roles as cabinet member of the Environmental Science and Policy Club for two years.

Linda’s Projects/Emphasis:
Civic Center Edible Garden, Tree Planting Program, and Green Job Training Program

Jason Gallup
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Jason began working at the City of Long Beach in May 2009. Before coming to the Office of Sustainability he worked in Government Affairs on projects like Federal Stimulus tracking and Breakwater Reconfiguration.

Prior to his work with the City, Jason studied Political Science, earning his Bachelor's degree from UC Irvine, and an M.A. from Cal State Long Beach. He also has a background in education, having worked as a teaching assistant and tutor for various educational levels, most recently teaching English to Spanish-speakers. 

Jason has been part of a number of Office of Sustainability projects and programs including the Rain Barrel Pilot Program, Mulch Home Delivery Program, Laundry to Landscape Graywater Pilot Program, Low Impact Development, Urban Nature and Gardening among others.

Geoffrey Leech
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Geoff recently joined the Sustainability Office at the beginning of 2013.  He currently assists with tree plantings, the Lawn to Landscape gray water installations, rain garden research and development, and administrative assistance.  Along with assisting in low impact development projects in the city, Geoff serves as a leader for the green youth workers to develop a corps of local community stewards.

Geoff graduated with a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) with a minor in Geology from California State University, Long Beach.  He was also involved in the ES&P club who’s goal was to spread environmental awareness in the campus community.  Geoff held a position at NOAA in the National Marine Fisheries Service, Sustainable Fisheries Department where he worked on the Tuna Tracking and Verification Program.  After college, Geoff served in the Peace Corps in the country of Mali, West Africa from 2010-2012 where he was an Environmental Extension Agent.  He worked on various sustainable projects such as improved farming techniques, fish farming, biofuel creation, water and sanitation education, and small enterprise development.  If you’d like to know more about his service and the unique culture of Mali, feel free to contact him.

Geoff’s Projects/Emphasis:
Graywater Program, Tree Planting Program, Rain Garden Program