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Audio/Visual Policy Guidelines



The purpose of this procedure is to establish guidelines for members of the public making use of audio/visual presentations at City Council meetings. The policy summarizes timelines and addresses the various types of media submitted. Advance notification of presentations and proper use of the City's equipment will allow meetings to progress smoothly and ensure that City Council meeting presentations are presented in a consistent manner.


This policy applies to members of the public making an audio/visual presentation to the City Council using any audio/visual equipment during a public meeting. Members of the public are responsible for submitting their audio/visual presentations at least five (5) calendar days prior to the meeting (by 12:00 p.m. noon on Thursday). The audio/visual presentation and related comments are limited to three (3) minutes.

This time limit does not apply to applicants and appellants involved in City Council administrative hearings, such as appeals of Planning Commission decisions, for example.

This policy does not apply to presentations scheduled by the Mayor's Office.

In addition to the 5-day submittal requirement, persons who intend to address non-agenda topics during the Public Comment period of any Council meeting must also obtain a speaker's card fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the City Council meeting.

Please contact the City Clerk Department at (562) 570-6101 or cityclerk@longbeach.gov if you have any questions.


Audio/Visual General Policy Guidelines