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Recently Approved Ballot Measures

For your convenience, the following information about recent voter-approved ordinances includes links to other departments in the City of Long Beach as well as other government websites.

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General Tax on Medical Marijuana Sales - Measure A – April 14, 2014

This measure authorized the city to impose a sales tax starting at 6%, with a maximum rate of 10%, on all medical marijuana sales. It also authorized an annual tax of at least $15 - with a potential maximum of $50 - per square foot for pot plant cultivation spaces in marijuana dispensaries. This tax was designed to not go into effect until the city completed and implemented its plan to legalize and regulate medical marijuana through a city ordinance.

Result(s)   Votes     Percent
Yes 26,017 74.0%
No 9,129 26.0%
Measure A (2014) - Ordinance

Transactions and Use Tax - Measure A – June 7, 2016

Measure A was designed to be a general sales tax, with revenue deposited into the city's general fund to be used for any government purpose. In California, sales taxes with specially dedicated revenue require a two-thirds supermajority vote for approval.

Result(s)   Votes     Percent
Yes 54,928 60.32%
No 36,132 39.68%
Measure A (2016) - Ordinance

City of Long Beach Measure A pages - Plans, Reports, and Project Updates

Measure A - Frequently Asked Questions

3/2/2017 - City of Long Beach Celebrates Kick Off for Measure A Infrastructure Improvements

2/15/2017 - Long Beach City Council Restores Paramedic Rescue 12, Reinstates Police Academy Operations with Measure A Funding

8/1/2016 - Proposed 2017 Budget Focuses on Measure A Infrastructure and Public Safety Funding

Long Beach Budget Stabilization Fund - Measure B - June 7, 2016

Measure B established a budget stabilization fund ("rainy day fund") for general services into which 1 percent of new general fund tax revenue would be deposited. Measure B was designed to only take effect if the proposed 1 percent Long Beach sales tax measure, Measure A, was also approved.
Result(s)   Votes     Percent
Yes 52,300 58.03%
No 37,829 41.97%
Measure B - Ordinance


Long Beach City Special Municipal Election - Measure MA – November 8, 2016

LONG BEACH MARIJUANA TAXATION MEASURE. To fund public safety, 9-1-1 emergency response, police officers, homelessness, and general City services, shall Long Beach update gross receipts tax rates between 6-8% for medical marijuana dispensaries, 8-12% for nonmedical marijuana dispensaries, 6-8% for processing, distributing, transporting or testing marijuana/related products and a square foot tax between $12-15 for marijuana cultivation, raising approximately $13 million annually, requiring annual expenditure reports, until ended by voters?
Result(s)   Votes     Percent
Yes 103,086 68.25%
No 47,955 31.75%
 Measure MA - Ordinance 

Tax Ballot Measure MA Frequently Asked Questions

Long Beach City Special Municipal Election - Measure MM – November 8, 2016

REGULATION OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA BUSINESSES. Shall an ordinance be adopted repealing the City's ban on marijuana businesses, reducing the City's tax on recreational and medical marijuana, and adopting regulations permitting approximately 32 retail medical marijuana businesses located in areas not zoned exclusively for residential use with minimum distance restrictions from sensitive uses, and providing for the establishment of an unspecified number of marijuana cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and testing businesses?
Result(s)   Votes     Percent
Yes 89,893 60.14%
No 59,570 39.86%
Measure MM - Ordinance

Financial Management - Marijuana Business Licenses pages

Long Beach Minimum Wages for Hotel Workers - Measure N - July 1, 2013

Measure N established minimum wages and minimum sick leave payable to hotel workers
Result(s)   Votes     Percent
Yes 88,587 64.32%
No 49,150 35.68%
Measure N - Ordinance

Measure N (minimum wage for Hotel workers is $14.64 effective July 1, 2018

 Financial Management page on California and Long Beach Minimum Wage Information

Long Beach Utility Revenue Transfer Charter Amendment - Measure M - June 5, 2018

Measure M is a City Charter Amendment to explicitly authorize and affirm the transfer of surplus City utility revenues to the City’s general fund to support services for Long Beach residents such as police, fire, and 911 paramedic and other general government services. These transfers have been used to support general City services for over 60 years.

Result(s)    Votes      Percent
Yes               35,651    53.76%
No                30,659    46.24%