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Welcome to the City Clerk voting and election information home page. Our goal is to provide our voters and residents with the information they need to fully and properly exercise their voting rights. Information is grouped together with general information on the voting process, the current or upcoming election, candidates and issues. There is also information on your polling place and how to volunteer as a poll worker. A section is also available for candidates in an upcoming election or those who might wish to run for office in future elections.

It is our sincere hope to serve all of Long Beach as well as the voters in the Long Beach Unified School District and the Long Beach Community College District during each election. The web site is divided into broad categories covering general and specific election information.

Each of the nine of the City Councilmembers are elected from within their council district. The City Charter states the terms and requirements for City Council offices.

Current Election Information

Campaign Contributions Limits(pdf) - (Effective 1/1/2014)

Officeholder Contribution Limitations (pdf)

City of Long Beach E-Notify, Election News

Current Voter Registration Statistics by District(pdf)

District Maps

Information for Candidates & Campaign Committees

Track Your VBM Ballot

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