Career Pathways

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Construction and Other Trades

Careers in the construction trades range from building houses to commercial and industrial building and highways.

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities


Careers in Utilities range from working in electric plants and distribution centers to nuclear, oil, gas, water, and renewable energy facilities.

Transportation and Warehousing (Logistics)

Careers in Transportation range from working at auto repair facilities to truck companies, bus transit companies, airports, and homeland security.

Professional Business Services

Careers in Professional Business services range for working in banks, schools and real estate offices to accounting and designing computer software.


Careers in Manufacturing range from working in factories to designing and testing products, and delivering them to customers.

Educational and Health Services


Careers in Healthcare range from working in hospitals and laboratories to residential care facilities, and caring for people in their homes.

Leisure and Hospitality

Hospitality/Tourism/Entry Level

Careers in Hospitality/Tourism range from working in restaurants and hotels to amusement parks and cruise lines.

Law Enforcement

Careers in Law Enforcement range from working at police and sheriffs' departments, to prisons, the FBI, and the CIA.


Careers in demand range from providing essential services to the public to senior planning/management.

Green Jobs

Careers in Green Jobs help increase energy efficiency, reduce pollution, clean technologies, update old buildings, and ease global warming.

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