LBVPP Focus Groups

The LBVPP Focus Groups took place throughout Long Beach from April to August 2013 with over 550 community residents and leaders in attendance. The focus groups included the:

  • African American Community
  • Asian and Pacific Islander Community
  • Business Community
  • Cabrillo High School Female Academy
  • Cabrillo High School Male Academy
  • Cambodian Community
  • Community Based Organizations
  • End Abuse LB
  • Faith Community
  • Jordan High School Female Academy
  • Jordan High School Male Academy
  • Latino/a Community
  • LBUSD Council PTA
  • LBUSD School Administrators & Principals
  • LGBTQ Community
  • Long Beach Elder Abuse Prevention Team
  • Long Beach GRIP
  • Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
  • MacArthur Park Neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Association Leaders
  • St. Mary Medical Center

During the focus groups, community residents were asked several questions and prioritized their answers for question numbers three (3) and four (4). The top choices were as follows:

Question 3: What is currently working well to prevent violence in Long Beach?

1. Sports
2. After School Programs
3. Summer Night Lights/ Be S.A.F.E. Program
4. Male Academy
5. Police Academy
6. Neighborhood Association Meetings
7. Jobs
8. Churches and Faith-Based Organizations
9. Parenting Program
10. Nothing

Question 4: What types of services should the community develop to help prevent violence in Long Beach?

1. Job Development
2. More Jobs
3. Mentoring Programs
4. Cultural and Diversity Programs and Interactions
5. Parenting Classes
6. Community Events/ Concerts/ Block Parties
7. Police Officers Building Bond with Community
8. Sports
9. Gyms in North Long Beach
10. Education

The feedback we received at the Focus Groups is essential to writing the Long Beach Violence Prevention Plan. Thank you to all who attended. For a full list of responses at the forum click here.