GRIP Advisory Council Members

Advisory Council Vision
We envision a community where youth are highly valued, well educated, skilled for the 21st century whorplace, healthy, law abiding, and contributing members of society who respect the rights of others and themselves.

The Advisory Council is committed to eradicating violence among youth and young adults by networking resources, promoting public awareness and educating youth and young adults of their value to the preservation of our human race, thereby saving lives.

Members are expected to attend quarterly meetings, subcommittee meetings and special trainings. The meetings are held on the second Monday of designated months from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at The Center for Working Families, 1900 Atlantic Avenue. Click here for meeting minutes.

Advisory Council members will be made up of representatives from the community, City, County law enforcement, District Attorney's office, local law enforcement, school district, County Office of Education and local educational agencies, community and faith-based organizations and businesses. Click here for Advisory Council Members.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Advisory Council will:

  • Serve as a governing body which provides leadership and policy level decision-making
  • Monitor progress and evaluates effectiveness
  • Offer guidance, establish committees to research warranted issues, provide approval to recommended changes
  • Identify potential funding sources for the project
  • Ensure that the overall strategy is in alignment with the state's vision as well as target area initatives and goals
  • Serve as active participants in all aspects of the project, including education, promotion, implementation of strategies
  • Support the target community and agencies implementing services
  • Review reports, monitor goals, ensure compliance, and make recommendations to develop a comprehensive plan compatible with resources groups and programs already in the community