Human Relations Commission

The City of Long Beach Human Relations Commission

Chair: Kerry A. Gerot
Vice Chair: James Morgan

Sandy Horwitz
Zachary E. Tinker
Raul A. Anorve
Dean Chow
Byron Bolton

The Commission meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.

100 W Broadway, Suite 550, Long Beach, CA 90802

For more information contact:

Teresa Gomez
Human Dignity Program Coordinator
office: 562-570-6730

Purpose of The Human Relations Commission

  • To provide a forum to achieve better human relations and promote goodwill among individuals, groups and institutions in order to maintain civic pride and tranquility and enhance and improve mutual understanding and respect for all citizens of the community.
  • To furnish the opportunity for the promotion and encouragement of positive human relations among citizens, groups and institutions and to consider, promote and develop programs for the reduction of tension, conflict, or violence which may arise from intolerance, prejudice and discrimination based upon race, religion, national origin, age gender, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability.
  • To aid the City Council by submitting recommendations to the Council regarding policies and programs to promote goodwill and better relations among all people.


  • To provide a forum where human relations matters may be presented discussed and evaluated for the purpose of submitting recommendations concerning said matters to the City Council. Such matters may include issues relating to prejudice or discrimination in equal opportunity in employment, public accommodations, housing and education because of race, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability.
  • To recommend programs to the City Council in the areas of research and education for the purpose of lessening racial and religious prejudice and of fostering attitudes among various groups which lead to civil peace and intergroup understanding.
  • To develop and recommend programs and plans to the City Council designed to promote full acceptance of all citizens in the community in all aspects of community life.
  • To recommend policies and procedure to the City Council, which will promote understanding and cooperation between the various departments of the City and the residents of the community, including programs relating to human relations training for City employees.
  • To recommend to the City Council measures, including legislation, which serve to improve positive human relations and the elimination of discriminatory practices.