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October 1, 2008 through May 30, 2009

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ArtPEACE is a creative community effort to promote the message of peace...through art! ArtPEACE offers a creative approach to networking resources for our valuable youth. We know that our youth are creative and able, if provided with encouragement, support, mentoring opportunities and creative outlets for expression. Their talent, when elevated and engaged, can provide a meaningful, positive peer pressure and promote the powerful messages of inter-group understanding, respect and, ultimately, peace.

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  • Planning meetings are traditionally held on the first Monday of every month at 6:30pm at Vasek Polak Children’s Clinic, 1057 Pine Avenue. Meetings are jointly held with Unity Festival planning meetings (10/6, 11/3, 12/1).
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About ArtPEACE

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ArtPEACE is an 8-month campaign where Long Beach’s Creative Community, through their Art, can create positive change. Through a mentoring process, ArtPEACE will bring together adult Creatives and emerging youth Creatives to celebrate the rich diversity of Long Beach. ArtPEACE will provide an artistic outlet for young people to express their perspectives on peace and their visions and dreams, while providing them with training and incentives to pursue careers in the creative arts. The Creative Community will participate with young people in a series of mentoring and art-making workshops focused on video art, public art, musical / performance arts, and visual art (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, etc.) leading to a series of ArtPEACE viewings, installations, performances and exhibits. The guiding principles will include Respect, Harmony, Unity and Positive Conflict Resolution; all centered around the ArtPEACE theme.

ArtPEACE will kick-off on October 1, 2008 through the University by the Sea weekend event in downtown Long Beach on October 5th. October marks the beginning of ArtPEACE, as it is both National Arts Month and Cultural Diversity Month. ArtPEACE will run through the citywide A Season for Nonviolence (January 30-April 4) and will climax with the Unity Festival at Rainbow Lagoon on May 30, 2009.

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The ArtPEACE project will:

  • Promote inter-cultural exchanges
  • Communicate messages of peace, unity, respect and harmony
  • Utilize the Arts for positive expression
  • Build meaningful relationships between adults and youth


Key Components

ArtPEACE will be composed of the following key components:

  • Promotion of Dialogue and Education
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • ArtPEACE Celebrations
  • ArtPEACE Documentation


Community Collaborations

ArtPEACE will partner with private, public, and community-based organizations via community, cultural and educational events that promote respect, harmony, unity, cultural appreciation and understanding.

Beginning with the October University by the Sea weekend, the project will co-host events utilizing specific themes from the Monthly Events Calendar (see attached). Partners will be encouraged to promote and incorporate facets of ArtPEACE into their events, as well as to serve as mentors, sponsors and co-creators of the ArtPEACE experience.


Contact Us


Antonio Pedro Ruiz
The Creativity Network

Melissa Morgan, Human Dignity Officer
The City of Long Beach Human Dignity Program

Download the ArtPEACE Fact Sheet (pdf)

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ArtPEACE Organizers

About The Creativity Network

The Creativity Networkis a network of representatives from a wide range of creative industries including visual arts, television, and performance arts, and includes gallery owners, arts administrators, patrons, artists and art lovers. The Network sponsors events at artful locations throughout the city in order to bring the creative community together for dialogue and creative action.Its Vision is for “a connected Creative Community [to work] together to strengthen itself, to grow, and to demonstrate that it is a critical element of life in Long Beach.”The Creativity Network endeavors to partner with the Creative Community to build a diverse and strong advocacy network and proactive strategies for the Arts and Creative Industries.

About The City of Long Beach Human Dignity Program

The City of Long Beach Human Dignity Program was established in 2000 to demonstrate the City of Long Beach’s commitment to embracing and valuing cultural diversity. The Human Dignity Program helps educate the community about cultural awareness and inclusion and supports the City’s Human Dignity Policy which states: “everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect, regardless of their racial background, their nation of origin, the religion they practice, their sexual orientation, gender, or disability status. It is the right of all residents to pursue their daily lives with the knowledge that they will not be threatened with violence or physical harm."


More About ArtPEACE

About National Arts Month

National Arts Month was established in 1993 and is celebrated every October in the United States. It was initiated to encourage Americans to explore new facets of the arts and humanities in their lives, and to begin a lifelong habit of active participation in the arts and humanities. It has become the nation's largest collective annual celebration of the arts.

About Cultural Diversity Month

In October, the City of Long Beach joins the County of Los Angeles in celebrating Cultural Diversity Month.The month-long celebration provides opportunities to learn from our differences and build a stronger community based on our commonalities.

About A Season for Nonviolence

A Season for Nonviolence is a national 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign in recognition of the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.The Season runs from January 30 to April 4.Its objective is to create an awareness of nonviolent principles and practice as a powerful way to heal, transform and empower lives and communities. Through an educational and community action campaign, the Season recognizes those who are using nonviolence to build a community that honors the dignity and worth of every human being.

About University by the Sea

University by the Sea is an all-day festival of arts, culture and education that takes place simultaneously at dozens of Pine Street venues in October in Long Beach. Each location features 45-minute “classes” on subjects relating to art and culture. The purpose of this event is to hold a citywide arts-and-culture festival in downtown Long Beach.Smolarcorp produces the event.

About the Unity Festival

The Long Beach Unity Festival uses music to unite the diverse Long Beach community, with a special focus on youth.Through musical entertainment, the Unity Festival serves as a base for inspiration, healing and forgiveness. The Unity Festival is an annual event held in May at Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach. The Festival includes a music talent competition, musical performances by popular artists, and an exposition of community and faith-based organizations, healthcare providers, employers, public safety resources and vendors. The Unity Festival is the culmination of a year-long series of events, the High School Unity Star Search, which targets Long Beach Unified School District youth of all ethnic backgrounds to participate. The students take part in talent competitions and share positive messages through musical performances that inspire others to unify the greater community. The Unity concept bridges cultures and communicates to everyone in the universal language of music.


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