Community Development

Effective October 1, the Bureaus of the Department of Community Development have been consolidated into other City Departments. This organizational change is part of the City Manager's five-pronged budget strategy for Fiscal Year 2011, and is paramount to the City's ability to provide the best services possible with the resources available. The five-pronged balance approach ensures that the City continues to meet the needs of the community while continuing along the path to financial stability.

Please be assured that we will continue to provide you with the high-level of customer service and program delivery that is the foundation of this City.

Follows is an outline of the organizational change and links to each Bureau's websites.

Housing Services is now with Long Beach Development Services.

Neighborhood Services is now with Long Beach Development Services.

Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach is now with the Department of Health & Human Services.

Workforce Development is now with Human Resources Department.

Property Services is now with Public Works Department.

The functions of the Administration and Financial Bureau have been consolidated into the Department of Financial Management and Long Beach Development Services.

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