Urban Wildlife

In California, wildlife issues are managed by the State Department of Fish & Game. Beautiful beaches, parks and open spaces provide an abundance of opossum, coyote, raccoon, skunk, squirrel and other wild animals. As the local animal control agency, the City manages domestic animals and works with State and Federal agencies to manage wildlife.

State law requires healthy wildlife be left alone (CCR 251.1). Healthy wildlife-by nature-avoids contact with people. Most wildlife hunts and gathers food at night and seeks food, water and shelter from residential properties. Outdoor pet food bowls, open trash cans, and small pets left out at night are a common target for predators and can increase the number of wild animals in the neighborhood.

Responsible neighbors never feed wild animals or allow pets to roam unsupervised. However, there are times when ill, injured or aggressive wild animals become a threat to public health and safety. This includes hunting pets during the daytime or approaching people without fear. When this occurs, ACS may implement the Wildlife Watch Program, or request Fish & Game to remove aggressive animals.

Through an innovative program residents can report wildlife activity online. Some activity is mapped through Coyote Mapping to provide residents with information about their neighborhoods. They may also download Fish & Game resources such as the Keep Me Wild Brochure and distribute to their neighbors. All animal-related emergencies should be reported immediately by calling (562) 570-PETS (7387).
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