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Ferrets and the State of California

Ferrets are quite common in CA, even though they do not enjoy legal status. Many animal lovers have established underground shelters and handle private placement of ferrets.

Due to the constant threat of confiscation and euthansia, and the impediments to proper veterinary care caused by it's 'illegal' status, the City of Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) discourages ownership or possession of this pet in California. And for that reason we want to provide the following helpful information. This information is based on the California Department of Fish & Game's Civil Book Section 671.3.

When a Fish & Game warden, police officer, or animal control officer knocks on your door, and they find domestic ferrets on your property or in your home, you have the right to make decisions regarding your pets transport out of state:

  1. At your expense, you may choose to have them shipped to a permanent adoptive home of your choice, in one of the 48 other states that permits ownership.
  2. You may choose, at your expense, to have them sent to one of the adoptive centers in a 'legal state'. Please be advised that your pet(s) will be placed in a carefully selected permanent adoptive home(s).
  3. You may relinquish your ferret(s) to a DFG permit holder or you may seek to obtain a DFG permit if you intend to assist with rescues in your region.
  4. You may elect to have the confiscating officer handle the situation at his or her discretion. There is, however, no guarantee that your pet(s) will not be humanely euthanized.

For additional information, please contact the California Domestic Ferret Association (CDFA).