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Dog Beaches and Parks
  • Dog Park Concerns
  • Etiquette and Safety Tips
  • Going off leash? Be on guard

    Off-leash dog beaches and parks are becoming increasingly popular in cities across the nation, and for good reason: they are a good place to let your dog run around, play and socialize!

    But keep in mind, dogs will be dogs — which is why owners need to be extra vigilant about pet etiquette, safety tips, and common dog-park related injuries and diseases.

    The City of Long Beach has five locations designated as gone to the dogs:

    Dog Park at Recreation Park, 5201 E. 7th Street (562) 570-3100
    (2.0 acres)

    Dog Zone on the Beach, Between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues
    (562) 570-3100

    Dog Park - Downtown, Broadway and Pacific Avenue

    Dog Park - K9 Corner, 9th Street and Pacific Avenue

    Dog Park - Uptown, 4600 Long Beach Boulevard, on the West side of  Scherer Park