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Is there wildlife in the City of Long Beach area? What can I do about it?

Yes it is a jungle out there. As man has encroached on their habitat many species of wildlife have adapted to live among us. Remember it’s their home too. Animal Care Service receives many calls about wildlife from residents throughout the year. In an effort to alleviate their concerns, we have some helpful tips to discourage wildlife activity in their neighborhoods.

·         Keep pet food indoors and do not leave food of any kind outside at night. Food left out at night will be taken as a welcome invitation by wildlife, and may prompt a future visit.

·         Keep cats and small dogs indoors or in the close presence of an adult.

·         Remove any fruit which has fallen to the ground.

·         Store trash in covered, heavy-duty containers.

·         Keep yards free from potential shelter such as thick brush and weeds, and enclose the bottoms of porches and decks.

·         Eliminate garbage, debris, lumber piles, etc.

·         Check fencing and try to eliminate access points to roof tops.

·         Change automatic sprinkler settings regularly.

Taking these preventive measures should help in deterring wildlife from visiting your property.

Please remember that if the three (3) life sustaining elements are available (food, water and shelter), you are likely to encounter some wildlife in your area.

Also, the following steps will help discourage ducks from taking up residence at your home:

  • Cover swimming pools during the nesting season.
  • Allow beach or pool balls to float on the surface of pools, ponds or fountains.
  • Clear away foliage from around water sources to eliminate a protected nesting area.

Animal Care Services will respond to and impound any wildlife that is:



Has been involved in a bite with a human


If any of these conditions exist, please call City of Long Beach Animal Care Services at:


(562) 570-7387

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