Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem with bees

The City of Long Beach Animal Care Service does not handle calls regarding bees or their removal.

If you have a problem with bees, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KILL OR REMOVE THE BEES YOURSELF.

  1. For Stinging Incidents (victim involved) call 911.
  1. Honey Bee Swarms or Nests (outside, not a structure)

ยท         In the City of Long Beach, contact the Department of Health & Human Services at (562) 570-4132

  1. Honey Bee Swarms or Nests (inside or on a structure)

Check your local Yellow Pages under "Pest Control" for a licensed control operator. Only a licensed pest control operator can kill bees in or on a structure.

  1. Africanized Honey Bee Information - call 1-800-BEE-WARY or 1-800-233-9279

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