Frequently Asked Questions

What are the leash laws?
Chapter 6.16.100 Dog leash required of the City of Long Beach Municipal Code states that all dogs while not confined within an enclosed space (i.e. inside a house, vehicle, or fenced yard) be secured by a leash no more than eight feet long and  held continuously in the hands of a responsible person capable of controlling the dog.

Exceptions to this law include any:

Dogs under the control of a responsible person in a fenced dog exercise area in a city park, dog beach, or portion of a city park, approved and designated for that purpose by the city council.   

Owners Are Held Accountable for Loose Animals

 – Violations are tracked by owner and animal.

– There are escalating impound fees for an owner to redeem their pet

– Misdemeanor and administrative violations are tracked by the owner for escalating fines or penalties

Penalty Fees – The City does have escalating impound fees

· $25 First impound

· $35 Second impound

· $65 Third impound

· $65 + ($50 times number of impounds over three) Fourth and subsequent impounds

Owners of unaltered animals found running at large pay an additional escalating impound fee of:

· $35 First impound

· $50 Second impound

· $100 Third impound

– Additionally, owners of unaltered impounded animals are given free spay/neuter vouchers and are educated on the need for spay and neutering of pets

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