Dog Training Classes

To register for the classes below you can do the following:
*Phone- 562-570-7171 to register with your VISA or MasterCard
*Online- Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine
*Mail- Send completed registration form and payment to: City of Long Beach, 2760 Studebaker Road, Long Beach, CA 90815 (include address, phone number and class #(s) on check.)
*Fax- Fax completed form to 562-570-3113
*In Person- Bring completed form and payment to the Parks, Recreation and Marine office: Monday- Friday 8am-5pm. Closed Holidays. For more information call 562-570-3111

DOG TRAINING: Canine Games Agility Course - Novice
Get your canine couch potato out of the house and treat him to some fun and challenging new activities! A-frame, teeter-totter, dog walk, tire jump, various tunnels, hurdles and weave poles. Trophies and certificates at last meeting. Bring materials fee, lawn chair and current vaccination records to first class, WITHOUT DOGS. Material Fee: $30. Classes held at El Dorado West. Instructor: April Brittsan.
70699 10 Yrs + 4/2 - 5/14 6 - 7PM W $88
70700 10 Yrs + 4/2 - 5/14 7 - 8PM W $88

DOG TRAINING: Dog Manners - Crash Course
Accomplish your dog training goals and correct behavior problems in just 4 weeks, using verbal praise and physical touch to reward the dog's responses...not food! Commands include: sit and down on command, stay, come when called, controlled walking on leash. Dogs attend all meetings. Pre-registration required. Bring shot records. Insurance Fee: $5.
70697 10 Yrs + 4/22 - 5/13 6 - 7:15PM EDW Tu $80

DOG TRAINING: Dog Obedience - Beginning
Help your dog develop respect for you, and become a well-mannered member of your family...without the use of food in your training! A.K.C. Novice obedience exercises & correction of bad habits for ALL breeds, 5 months and older. Graduation with trophies & certificates. First meeting WITHOUT DOGS. Bring shot records, lawn chair, material fee. Material Fee: $10. Trainers with Dog Services Unlimited.
70694 10 Yrs + 4/7 - 5/19 6:30- 7:30PM Rec. Park M $90
70695 10 Yrs + 3/20 - 5/1 7:45- 8:45PM EDW Th $90

DOG TRAINING: Pet Manners Fine Tuned
Advanced pet manners taught with positive reinforcement. Continue building skills begun in Pet Manners and add Leave It, Settle, and the '3 Ds' of difficulty: distance, duration, and distractions. Limited enrollment. Maximum of 10 dogs for personalized attention. Prerequisite: Pet Manners with Positive Reinforcement. For more details, see Material Fee: $10. Classes held at Marina Vista Park. Must preregister two days before start date. No walk-ins allowed.
70653 10 Yrs + 5/3 - 6/7 10:45-11:45AM Sa $89

DOG TRAINING: Pet Manners with Positive Reinforcement
Build a strong human-canine bond by training reliable pet manners with positive reinforcement (no choke chains or pinch collars). Learn how to strategically use a variety of reinforcers, how to decrease reinforcers as behaviors are learned, and how to minimize punishment. No dogs first class. For more details, see Limited enrollment. Must pre-register two days before start date. Material Fee: $10. Classes held at Marina Vista Park. No walk-ins allowed.
70649 10 Yrs + 5/3 - 6/07 9:30-10:30AM Sa $89

DOG TRAINING: Puppy Kindergarten
Start your new puppy out on the right paw! Pups ages 2-5 months will learn socialization and basic commands (sit, stay, down, come, walking nicely on a leash). Includes help with puppy behavior problems such as chewing/teething, housebreaking, and jumping up. First meeting WITHOUT puppies. Bring shot records & material fee. Material Fee: $10. Class held at Recreation Park.
70692 10 Yrs + 4/7 - 5/12 7:30 - 8:30PM M $79