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Help to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Community for Residents and Animals

Who Is Required to Obtain Permits?

If you are in the business of selling, transferring or adopting dogs and cats in the City of Long Beach, you must register and renew your application each year. This includes private individuals as well as commercial and non-profit organizations engaged in the breeding, adoption or sale of dogs and cats. You will need a permit if you are a:

  • Private Individual Breeding and/or Transferring Animals
  • Commercial Pet Stores
  • Non-Profit Rescue Groups

How Much Does a Permit Cost?

The fee for a Breeding or Transfer Permit is $515 for private and commercial entities in the business of breeding or selling dogs and cats in the City of Long Beach. This fee is waived for valid nonprofit 501(c)(3) registered organizations.

How Do I Obtain a Permit?

Application is Easy!

To ensure the responsible and safe transfer of animals, individuals and organizations must apply for a Breeding and/or Transfer permit and pass a background check by the Long Beach Police Department. Follow these easy steps to register:

Or pick-up a hard copy of the application at Long Beach Animal Care Services Bureau.

Business License Will Be Needed  (Business License Application)

To sell animals in Long Beach, you will also need to register for a business license. The sale or transfer of animals is treated the same as a pet store, which requires a basic retail sales use and allowed in all commercial zones. If the business involves breeding or kennel use, it is allowed only with a Conditional Use Permit in the IG (General Industrial) zone. Anyone seeking to operate animal-related businesses should consult with the Development Services Department prior to pursuing a "Breeding and Transfer Permit" at (562) 570-6216.

IMPORTANT: Municipal Code

In order to maintain a safe and healthy community for residents and animals, this notice is meant to provide you with information necessary to avoid citation and achieve compliance with the City of Long Beach, Restricted Breeding Ordinance (ORD.6. 16.190) implemented by the Long Beach City Council April 2006.

Contact Us:

Pick up an Application or Mail the Completed Documents and Payment to:

City of Long Beach
Animal Care Services
Attn: Breeding Enforcement
7700 Spring Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

Phone: (562) 570-3087
Fax: (562) 570-3053