Mural #8
"Together We Dance"
Elliott Pinkney
CD Auto Repair
1328 Walnut St.
Assistants- Idris Brown, Fermin "Pete" Santa Cruz

This mural salutes the predominant ethnic groups of the MacArthur Park neighborhood. Each of the groups - African-American, Cambodian and Latino - are displayed on individual panels, with dance as a common, unifying theme. As part of the Mural Mentor Program, artist Elliott Pinkney worked closely with his two assistants in teaching the art of mural making. The work requires careful preparation of the wall, followed by a transfer of the image using a grid framework to achieve the proper dimensions.

Shown here is the panel depicting African dancers in authentic costumes, while at the far left the mural presents two African masks. "Each group was very proud of the mural when we finished," the artist says.