Mural #7
"Melody of Life"
Trace Tres Fukuhara
Long Beach Senior Center
1150 4th Street
Assistants- Michelle Saucedo Andrew Gulmatico, Guillermo Avalos, Dareth Morm

The themes and imagery for Melody of Life were developed with senior citizens at the Long Beach Senior Center, who agreed unanimously that the work should depict the many ethnic cultures of Long Beach. "The melody of life is teaching, learning, loving, sharing, giving and caring," the artist says. "The essence of these images is to teach and pass down history."

In a detail of the mural shown here, the artist has depicted a Mexican dancer in costume, poised in mid-step. Beside her. a grandmother teaches her granddaughter a traditional Cambodian dance. The older couple kissing suggests that love flourishes at all ages, not simply in youth. The hgures of wooden horses from carousels are reminiscent of the Pike Amusement Park. A vibrant sunset illuminates well-known Long Beach landmarks, including the World Trade Center and the historic Villa Riviera, while reflecting the artist's boyhood memories of the skies above Long Beach.