Mural #4
Elizabeth Garrison
NQ Market
14th St. at Peterson Ave.
Assistants- Dareth Morm, Michelle Saucedo

"Older Women are often a familys storytellers", says artist Elizabeth Garrison. "They are the ones who pass down a family's history to younger members " Created as a triptych, this mural pays tribute to the women elders of three cultures —African-American, Cambodian and Latino.

Shown here is one panel of the mural, located in the city's MacArthur Park neighborhood. The son of this Cambodian woman had journeyed back to Cambodia during a time of political turmoil to find his mother who had been imprisoned in refugee camps. Based on his photographs of her, she became the subject for the mural. Traditional images of Cambodian culture are woven in teh tapestry that forms a backdrop while flowers indigenous to this country grow along the border. The American flag, which flies behind each of the women, becomes a unifying element for the three mural panels. Storytellers suggests that the personal journeys and cultural legacies of people arriving on these shores have greatly deepened this countrys heritage