Mural #2
"Open Minds, Open Hearts: Building the Future"
Eva Cockcroft
Star's Market
346 West Eighth St.
Assistants-Vue Her, Raymond Diaz, neighborhood children

Artist Eva Cockcroft discovered that problems with gangs were the most compelling concern of this neighborhood. In this mural the rose emerges as a brilliant image, blending in symbolic form, death and resurrection. The rose also speaks to a neighborhood story. A young boy picks roses for his mother from the garden of an older woman (shown at far left). The mother sends him back to make sure that he has not taken the flowers without permission.

The two couples symbolize love and reconciliation. As a backdrop, the row of houses represents the neighborhood's broad cultural mix. The neighborhood is in transition with some Victorian homes being restored in a gentrification process that brings new residents into the area beneath the center rose, the artist invites neighborhood children to draw objects they would like to see buried in their community. Guns, needles and even a bomb can be found in the roots of the rose at the bottom of the mural.