Mural #1
Ann Phong
299 East Artesia Boulevard
Assistants-Nebra Flewellen, Renita Harper, Kevin Murray

The human hand becomes a powerful symbol in this mural, whose theme is "learning " So expressive of human emotion in touch, hands are depicted in multi-racial colors, reaching high into the sky. "I used hands of different colors to promote the concept equality and unity, rather than isolating any one ethnic group" says artist Ann Phong.

This neighborhood has multiple ethnic roots, from the Asian cultures of Vietnam to the Hispanic and Afican-American, as well as recent immigrants from Eastern Europe. While the mural was created, neighborhood children and teenagers would stop by to watch, then paint few strokes along with the artist. Two teenagers and an adult standing behind a stack of books symbolize learning that occurs not simply in school, but throughout life from the time of birth to death.