Mural & Cultural Arts Program
Mural projects sponsored by the Mural and Cultural Arts Program are designed to give a creative voice to communities and increase cultural understanding. Programs support literacy, encourage social and artistic abilities, and build job skills among youth participants. The mural projects also serve to deter graffiti, one expression of gang activities.

Launched in 1985, the Mural and Cultural Arts Program is sponsored by the City of Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine in cooperation with the Department of Community Development. Three mural components are implemented under the city's Neighborhood Improvement Strategy Program,

  • Artist-in-Schools
  • Artist- in -Parks
  • Mural Mentor Program

Youth volunteers work with artists in producing murals at Long Beach parks and schools. Under the Mural Mentor Program, youth not only assist the artist, but create a smaller mural to be exhibited in the neighborhood.

The city's mural program was the hrst nationally to receive funds from the federal Job Training and Partnership Act, Ttle JIB, Summer Youth Employment Training Program. The projects developed under this program represent a partnership between the City of Long Beach Training and Employment Development Division and the Private Industry Council. Teams of 25 to 30 youth work with the artists to paint murals during the summer months and to publish a journal containing sketches and writing from each of the youth

Mural Map Locations

1. "Learning"
Eddie's Liquor
299 E. Artesia Blvd.

2. Open Minds, Open Hearts,
Building the Future

Star's Market
346 West 8th St.

3. Oil Life and Ecology
California National Guard
854 East 7th St.

4. Storytellers
NQ Market
14th St. @ Peterson

5. Community of Music
George Washington Middle School
15th St. & Cedar Ave.

6. Village Pride w/ Sights High
Drake Park Community Center
951 Maine Ave.

7. "Melody of Life"
Long Beach Senior Center
1150 4th St.

8. Together We Dance
CD Auto Repair
1328 Walnut St.